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Beware of third-party sellers on Walmart’s website

DENVER -- With the holidays in full swing, you're bound to get the wrong size of pick up one too many gifts.

That means a return or exchange could be in your future. The process of a getting a refund could get a little difficult if you don't know where you're products are really from.

"You assume that when you're buying from Walmart, you're buying from Walmart," FOX31 employee Jillian Blackburn said.

Blackburn thought she was buying some binoculars from Walmart.

"When I had issues with the product that was damaged in shipping, I contacted Walmart to find out how to get refund and return them, and they let me know I needed to contact a third-party seller," Blackburn said.

For three weeks, she went back and forth with a company she didn't know.

"It took me over three weeks to a refund on my item," Blackburn said.

There is fine print on Walmart's website that tells you certain items are coming from a different company, it even lists a separate refund policy, which means you can't return or exchange the product at Walmart stores.

"They're starting to broaden their product mix, they're starting to reach out to the smaller retailers," Metropolitan State University of Denver professor Darrin Duber-Smith said.

Experts say Walmart's new tactic to include outside companies is a sign of the times.

"We have Amazon now, open brick and mortar stores, so Amazon wants to be a little bit more like Walmart," Duber-Smith said. "It's really interesting watching these two Goliaths kind of go after each other."

As the market continues to battle it out, shoppers should remember to read the fine print, because you never know where things are coming from.