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Scientist, songwriters create formula for ‘the happiest Christmas song of all time’

BOSTON — A scientist from the Boston Conservatory claims he has created “the perfect Christmas song” after he researched the themes of over 200 Christmas songs.

Joe Bennett, a Boston Conservatory musicologist, studied the lyrics, tempo, musical key, and vocals of the songs to come up with “Love’s Not Just For Christmas.”

“There is no simple formula for a successful song, and in practice songwriters combine their own experience, musical skills and personal creative preferences when writing,” Bennett told Yahoo News.

Bennett found that holiday songs often have eight common themes, according to The Observer:

  • Home (family, gifts under the tree)
  • Love (finding that special someone at Christmas)
  • Lost love (feeling lonely at Christmas)
  • Parties (dancing, mistletoe)
  • Santa (and his reindeer)
  • Snow (snowmen, sleighs, cold winters)
  • Religion (Nativity story)
  • Peace on Earth

“It’s a really great product, weaving together themes in the research,” Bennett told The Observer. “That makes it more danceable and gets heart rates pumping.”

“In ‘Love’s Not Just For Christmas’, Steve [Anderson] and Harriet [Green] have done an amazing job, weaving together these musical elements into a really enjoyable, happy festive song that combines classic themes with their own original ideas,” Bennett told the Mirror.

The song was recorded by the London Community Gospel Choir and features the word “Christmas” 21 times along with sleigh bells and several other holiday references.

The choir will be performing the song at shopping centers across the U.K. throughout the holiday season.