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Aurora police donate quilts to those battling cancer

AURORA, Colo. -- Usually, Aurora Police Department officers are busy fighting crime, but on Tuesday, they were helping fight something just as sinister: Cancer.

"Cops fighting cancer started 15 years ago by myself and my partner. We started going to Children’s Hospital and visiting the kids that were sick," officer James Seneca said.

Pairing up with the Healing Quilt Project, 100 handmade quilts will be covering and comforting cancer patients at the outpatient infusion center at UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora.

Other law enforcement agencies also participate.

“We have about 15 today from Adams County Sheriff's Department, University Police Department and also my department," Seneca said.

Lakewood resident and avid fly-fisherman Randy Cordova has stage 4 lung cancer. He knows and accepts his faith.

“I still didn’t think I would make it this long, 6 1/2 years. I mean that’s way beyond what I ever thought," Cordova said.

The quilt warms Cordova’s body as well as his heart.

“There are people out there that care so much for patients that they will go ahead and do such a labor of love," he said.

And that’s what that is for Seneca, for he battled leukemia 30 years ago and against all odds, one “day at a time, treatment at a time. Because you never know, I am a prove an example of that. I shouldn’t be here," he said.