Private investigator believes more arrests will come in Kelsie Schelling case

PUEBLO, Colo. -- A private investigator hired by a missing woman's family in 2013 to look for leads in the case spoke out Friday night after her ex-boyfriend's arrest and said he believes more people will be arrested.

Kelsie Schelling disappeared in Pueblo in February 2013. Police said Schelling texted her ex-boyfriend Donthe Lucas a picture of an ultrasound of their 8-week-old child.

Police said Lucas asked Schelling to drive from Denver to Pueblo to meet with him.

She arrived at the Walmart just after 11 p.m., and nearly an hour later, she texted that she was "tired of waiting."

Lucas asked her to meet on a street near his grandmother's house.

A half-hour later, she wrote, "Where are you. ... I've been here for over an hour just waiting."

She was never heard from again.

In recent months, investigators used excavators to dig in areas where Schelling was last seen.

On Friday afternoon, the Pueblo Police Department said Lucas was arrested for Schelling's disappearance. He was already in custody in the Pueblo County Jail on unrelated charges.

Dan Corsentino, a private investigator working in Pueblo, was hired by Schelling's family in 2013. He interviewed Lucas and believes he didn't act alone.

"I believe, as I believed in 2013 when I interviewed Donthe Lucas, that he was not the sole suspect or the sole person of interest. I believe there are others that will eventually be charged," Corsentino said.

He said the case has been challenging because of the lack of physical evidence and that Schelling's remains have not been found.

"So when you have very little or no physical evidence and you don’t have anyone talking, the case became very very difficult," Corsentino said.

He believes with Lucas' arrest, more people will come forward with information to help lead investigators to Schelling.

"I think people will be less afraid to come forward now," Corsentino said. "There may be a continuous flow of information that comes out because of this arrest."

A relative of Lucas said Saturday the family is not ready to speak about his arrest.

Schelling's family is offering a $50,000 reward for anyone who comes forward with information that leads to her remains.