Pack of puppies running around Weld County road rescued

WELD COUNTY, Colo. — A pack of puppies was running on a road on Saturday, the Weld County Sheriff’s Office said.

The puppies were found in the 6700 block of Weld County Road 21.

“Animal Control Officer Steeves and Deputy Rosebrock managed to get the puppies off the road and tried to get the puppies back on the property they were suspected to have come from, but the puppies kept finding ways on getting out,” the sheriff’s office posted on Facebook.

The officials tried to get a hold of the owners of the property but didn’t have any luck. The puppies were taken to the Evans Humane Society.

“Deputies left a note with information for the owners on how to get puppies back. None of the animals had a collar on or a chip identifying where they came from,” the sheriff’s office said.

Anyone who knows the owners is asked to call the sheriff’s office at 970-356-4015, option 1.