Smoking ban goes into effect on 16th Street Mall

DENVER -- The city's smoking ban on the 16th Street Mall goes into effect on Friday.

The Breathe Easy ordinance is designed to make the mall a cleaner and healthier place.

All smoking is banned, including cigarettes, cigars, marijuana, vaping and electronic devices.

It's illegal to light up within 50 feet of the mall between Broadway and Chestnut Street.

"Go further down to smoke, in an alley," smoker Sheila Garcia said. "Pain in the neck, but it's OK as long as there is no smoking on the mall."

"I don't mind not smoking," Asia Copeland said. "I go a whole hour without smoking on the mall. If I need a smoke, I go around the corner.

"You can smoke anywhere else, but the 16th Street Mall is just one little area."

Advocates have argued the ban is another attempt by the city to move the homeless off the mall.

Violations could result in a fine up to $100, but the city stresses there will be warnings and education before tickets are handed out.