More parents come forward about bullying issues at Sunrise Elementary School

AURORA, Colo. -- Several people are sharing their experiences with bullying at Sunrise Elementary School in Aurora.

The parents of 10-year-old Aurora girl Ashawnty Davis say she took her own life after she was bullied and it was caught on video.

“I looked into the story and then noticed oh my goodness, this girl went to Sunrise,” parent Sara Franklyn said. “The same school that my three children go to.

Franklyn said her son was attacked on the playground after school last spring.

“He had been punched in the stomach, kicked in the head, had gravel embedded in his legs."

She said she talked to administrators and the police.

“Nothing was ever done," Franklyn said. “My biggest issue is that more was not done after I reported to the principal and vice principal of the school."

Another parent, who didn't want to be identified, said her daughter was bitten in October. She said the school system hasn't told her what was done about it.

The Cherry Creek School District said it can't discuss specific incidents, but it said bullying isn't tolerated and it takes all reports seriously.

"We do not tolerate bullying, fighting, or any behavior that endangers another child in our schools and we take all reports of such behavior very seriously," the district said in a statement.

"Any time a report of this kind is made to the school, we investigate the report and work with students and families to address the behavior, stop it from happening and make sure students feel safe. Student safety and well-being is our highest priority."

Parents still want answers, especially after what happened to Davis.

“I don’t want that to happen ever again to any child. As a parent who has lost a child myself, it’s the worst thing a person can experience in this whole entire world,” Franklyn said.

The district has methods in place to help prevent bullying. It has certain lesson plans where students are taught about the definition of bullying and how to handle it if they become a target.

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