Landmark Wazee Supper Club shutting down after 43 years

DENVER — The famed Wazee Supper Club, a staple of downtown Denver for 43 years, will close its doors next month and be replaced by a contemporary French restaurant.

The restaurant opened in 1974 by Angelo and Jim Karaga at 15th and Wazee streets.

Roadhouse Hospitality Group bought the restaurant in 2015 and the company has found a buyer to bring a unique concept to the building.

Juan Padro, Max MacKissock and Katie O’Shea of Culinary Creative Group — which is behind the Bar Dough, Senor Bear and Highland Tap and Burger restaurants — will buy the restaurant and building along with developer Charlie Woolley.

The Wazee Supper Club will be converted into Morin, a “contemporary, free-spirited French restaurant,” in the spring.

In 2014, then-President Barack Obama dined at the Wazee Supper Club with five Coloradans who wrote him letters about their economic struggles.