Lawmaker defiant as others prepare to expel him over harassment allegations

DENVER -- Rep. Steve Lebsock, the Thornton Democrat accused of sexual harassment, appeared defiant Thursday night as another lawmaker prepares drafting a resolution to expel him from the State House.

“It seems a little strange that before I get to tell my side of the story and even before the truth is told someone is planning a resolution,” Lebsock said.

The resolution is being drafted by State Rep. Matt Gray, a fellow Democrat who represents Broomfield.

“As members of the House of Representatives, it is our job to make sure everyone who comes to the Capitol never has to fear being assaulted or harassed," Gray said.

“I believe Ms. Tanner, Ms. Tarry and Rep. Winter when they say they were harassed or assaulted by Rep. Lebsock. Rep. Lebsock first said he didn’t remember what happened, then he said he knew he didn’t do anything criminal, then he apologized, then he said the women were lying.

"No matter how many times his story changes, one thing is true: No woman who comes to the Capitol to help shape Colorado law should have to worry about interacting with Rep. Lebsock again.”

The news comes as two more female lobbyists are coming forward alleging harassment from Lebsock.

No member of the Colorado State House has been expelled since 1915, when William Howland was kicked out for allegations of bribery and purjury.

A two-thirds vote is needed to expel a member. That is 44 members.