Wreaths needed for Fort Logan National Cemetery

DENVER -- Cemeteries, really, are places for the living. A place to visit, remember and miss those loved ones who are no longer with us.

Fort Logan National Cemetery in Denver is such a place.

IT's hallowed ground for the men and women who put on the uniform.

The national nonprofit Wreaths Across America knows this, and that’s why it is placing a wreath on every headstone. Every life is to be honored.

The problem is it doesn't have enough wreaths to honor every grave. It is short by thousands.

With the national deadline of Dec. 16 fast approaching, David Bolser, founder and CEO of senior veterans in Colorado Springs, is worried.

“Very worried. At this point we don’t have enough wreaths," he said.

Anyone buy one of the green wreaths, handmade from Harrington, Maine, for $15.

It will be delivered and placed on a grave on Dec. 16.

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