‘UPS Dogs:’ Drivers share pictures of dogs along their routes

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FALLING WATERS, W.Va. — It might be fair to say that delivery drivers and dogs sometimes don’t have the best relationship, but a Facebook group is showing that’s not always the case.

“UPS Dogs” is a Facebook group where drivers share photos and videos of all the four-legged friends they meet along their routes.

Sean McCarren of Falling Waters, West Virginia, is the man behind the now-viral Facebook group.

He started it in 2013 when he noticed his camera roll was full of pictures of dogs he met along his route, he told “Today.”

A few years later, the page has more than 800,000 followers from UPS drivers around the world.

“At first I started adding a couple of local drivers, then it starts to spread,” McCarren said. “Slowly it trickles out. Some lady from Spain a few years ago liked the page — people from London, Germany. It’s really catching fire.

“I have people bombarding me with dogs right now.”

McCarren, who has worked at UPS for 17 years, said he keeps dog treats in his truck — and knows other drivers do too.

“I know people who buy a couple of boxes a week,” McCarren said. “As soon as you deliver to a stop, especially in rural areas, (the dogs) start popping up in your truck.

“They become a part of your family, kinda. They’re expecting you. The worst is when you run out of treats … next time, they get a double treat.”

UPS Dogs shares the love with other furry friends too. The page has featured cats, deer, donkeys and pigs. But it’s always about the dogs.

“There’s nothing you can say negative about dogs,” he said. “Dogs aren’t just man’s best friend, they’re people’s best friend. Everybody loves dogs.”

UPS tells BuzzFeed News that it’s not affiliated with the Facebook page, but it definitely approves.

“It’s a good example of the relationships our employees build with their customers, two- or four-legged!” the company said.