Tech Review: New Less Expensive Nest Learning Thermostat

There are so many devices that promise to make our homes smarter and our lives easier!  Nest is out with a newer, more affordable version of their popular smart thermostat.  I installed it and took it for a test!


The Nest thermostat isn't new.  In fact the first Nest learning thermostat hit the market way back in 2011!  It was one of the first smart thermostats on the market.  These days Nest has a lot of competition but in my experience and testing Nest is still king.  Their newest model is their least expensive yet but still maintains the simplicity and sleek look that Nest does so well.

The "e" model is all white and has a frosted glass front.  This blurs the screen slightly but also creates a cool stylish look when the Nest is turned off.  The screen is technically a lower resolution than previous models but you won't really notice because of the frosted glass on the front.  The interface has been tweaked slightly to make it easier to use with the lower resolution and frosted screen.  I thought I wouldn't like it because I am so used to the original interface.  I was pleasantly surprised!

What's missing?

Aside from the lower resolution screen, the only functionality that is missing is what Nest calls it Farsight.  It means when you enter the room the Nest automatically shows the time or temperature or outside weather.  Farsight is a feature reserved for the more expensive $249 Nest.  I'm OK with this.  Farsight is a cool feature but I think most people won't even know they don't have it.  Especially to save $80!

Smart Temperature

The Nest e is as smart as any other Nest.  The magic of the Nest is that it learns your patterns and creates a schedule for your HVAC automatically.  Sure, you can create a schedule manually on the Nest but there's no need to!  Just set it each day for a few weeks and the next thing you know the Nest is running itself.  It's awesome and Nest claims you'll save energy because it operates smarter than your normal thermostat.  When you're not home, the Nest adjust the temperature.  It can even use your phone to know when you are home again to crank that heat back up!

Overall, this is designed to be a more affordable Nest with fewer features but I can honestly say that I like it as much as the big brother.  It looks sleek and fits in better with most home decor.  The functionality is almost identical to the pricier Nest and frankly I can't imagine recommending the higher priced model.  The Nest e is a great deal at $169 and could make a great gift this holiday.

You can buy the Nest Thermostat E online directly from Nest for $169.  I found it for $20 off on Wal-Mart's website!