Cyber Monday mania sweeps internet

DENVER -- Cyber Monday is expected to be the largest online shopping day in U.S. history, generating $6.6 billion in sales.  Many people are shopping from work.

Diane Winslow is doing her part.  As she gives Terese Kaske a manicure in Cherry Creek, both women are scrolling for deals on their cellphones.

“I bought two pairs of headphones, batteries, slippers and a jersey,” Winslow said.

If you are looking, there are deals to be had. Target advertised $90 off a GoPro. Best Buy advertised $300 off some 4K TVs. Walmart advertised $160 off a KitchenAid mixer. Amazon offered $20 off Echo Dot.

But how do you know if the listed sale price really is the best deal?

A website shows a price history for Amazon products and compares the Cyber Monday price to the rest of the year.