11 years after son’s death, mom copes by celebrating son’s birthday

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DENVER -- An 11-year-old cold case case in Denver remains unsolved. On Nov. 1, Bruce Harrell would've turned 33. He was shot and killed near the Five Points neighborhood in 2006.

“The pain never goes away,” said Diane Harrell, Bruce's mom. “Whether its been 10 minutes ago, a month, a year ago, it never goes away, it never does.”

Bruce Harrell and a friend were on the way home, stopped at light near Downing and Welton streets in Five Points when they were shot.

His friend survived, but Harrell didn't, and police still have no idea who did it.

"I know justice will come,” Harrell said. “They just didn’t kill my son, they killed me too.”

For more than a decade, there's been no sense of closure. So now the family gets creative with how it copes.

“He loved his birthday,” Harrell said.

Every year Harrell's mom celebrates his birthday with friends, family, balloons and a cake.

“I've been doing it since he’s not been here with me," Harrell said. “In a remembrance of him, to say, 'Bruce, I haven’t forgot about you.'

“I want to keep his legacy alive. As long as I live, I’m going to keep it out there.”

Harrell has one goal and that's to make sure her son's story remains fresh.

No suspects have been arrested. Anyone with information is asked to call the Denver Police Department.