Brawl in Oakland: Crabtree, Talib ejected from game after fight

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OAKLAND, Calif. -- Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib and Raiders receiver Michael Crabtree were ejected from the Sunday's game after the two got into a fight in the first quarter.

After Crabtree threw a punch at Talib, a lot of Raiders and Broncos players started going at it on the sideline.

After the game, Chris Harris Jr. claimed Crabtree "sucker punched" him in the stomach one play before the brawl broke out.

Marshawn Lynch escorted Talib through the Raiders bench as he left the field to ensure no more fights began.

Talib had to go by the Oakland bench to get to the locker room.

Raiders guard Gabe Jackson was also ejected for shoving an official to the ground.

This is not the first time Talib and Crabtree have fought during a game.

The two got into a fight during a game last season when Talib grabbed Crabtree's gold chain necklace during the final regular-season game in a 24-6 Broncos victory.

After the game, Broncos coach Vance Joseph said the brawl was "unacceptable."

“I don’t like it and it’s unacceptable. We can’t lose a player for a personal battle," Joseph said. "Both teams lost their best players. It’s nonsense. It’s silly.”

The Broncos lost the game, 21-14, for their seventh consecutive loss, their longest losing streak in 50 years.