Cause of death investigated for Shanann Watts, 2 daughters
Latest updates: Homicides of Shanann Watts, daughters

Christmas tree shortage may put a damper on holidays

This holiday season, a nationwide Christmas tree shortage could mean you won't get a tree at all if you don't buy one ahead of the crowd.

Tree farmers and those who own tree lots are warning that they don't have nearly as many trees as the usually do.

Jimmy Coan, owner of Papa Noel, usually ships in a few thousand trees from Oregon and Washington to sell at his six lots around Austin but he says a tight economy and less demand for real trees a decade ago hurt the industry.

"Many farmers in the northwest went out of business during the recession. Everyone in the market is gonna run out of trees this year," he said.

Coan says he's importing as many other trees as he can from North Carolina and says he probably won't have enough to even get through Monday.