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Video surprise: Thieves caught stealing hood from truck

BERTHOUD, Colo. -- Thieves were caught on camera stealing car parts in Berthoud. A business owner, sick of thugs targeting his business, put up cameras recently.

That was a good thing, because they returned this week and now police know what they look like.

At first, Steve Moritz didn't know what to think about his "hoodless" truck when he pulled up to his business, Aspen Landscape Management.

"I just thought maybe somebody had wrecked it the day before," he said.

But after taking a closer look, he says it was obvious that it was stolen.

He confirmed his suspension after taking a look at his surveillance video.  Sure enough, he saw two men with tools approach his truck.

"They came in and slid like a crowbar in between the grill and the hood," he said, "and just popped the hood, raised it up, and they had a screw gun and unzipped the bolts real quick bolted off and they were gone in five minutes."

More like two-and-a-half minutes. In and out.

Moritz had just installed his cameras after having more than $20,000 in goods stolen over the years.

This time he'd have a face for police and video to post on social media. But here's what he didn't expect: Story after story from others experiencing this same crime.

He hopes to put a stop to the thieves crime spree, and a spotlight on their mugs.

"That's why I really wanted to go public with it to the news because these people are doing it for a living. This was not isolated."