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These tips will help you avoid being victimized by online shopping scams

DENVER -- The holiday shopping season is here and hackers are stepping up their game trying to get your information.

“You have to be extra careful around the holiday times,” said Jackie Burhans, with CMIT Solutions in the Denver Tech Center.

Burhans has a list of holiday shopping scams, and tips for how to stay safe.

Here is the list courtesy of CMIT Solutions in the Denver Tech Center.

DANGER: Shopping on websites that don’t have security features in place.
TIP: Check that the website had “https” not just “http” in the url as the “s” signifies that there is a special level of security in place for transmitting private information on the Internet.

DANGER: Websites, online ads, emails offering FREE or heavily discounted goods
TIP: Be wary of any site/email offering deals that look “too good.” Never click on any links associated with these emails or ads. The links download malicious software to your computer.

DANGER: Malicious digital e-cards
TIP: As e-cards are a nice gesture, make sure that you only open them from email address you recognize as virus infected e-cards are very common during this time of year. If one comes through from an unknown sender, do not open it, and delete it right away.

DANGER: Fake apps
TIP: Be careful when downloading shopping apps. Make sure it is a real app by verifying it on the brand’s website before entering in any information.

DANGER:  Shopping online with debit cards
TIP: Do all online shopping (and in-store shopping) with credit cards as this limits personal liability in the case that it is a scam or the data gets stolen.

DANGER: Websites requesting personal information.
TIP: Don’t give out personal information (social security numbers, bank account info, etc. if promoted to during an online check out, a pop-up advertisement or through email. Once you voluntarily provide this data, your information will be compromised and used by hackers.