Therapy dog-in-training gets some stress relief therapy for himself

DENVER -- Zipper is in his 10th month of extensive training to become a service dog and so far, so good.

So far he’s been working on his basic commands and on the duration, the amount of time he is able to be in a down, stay position. It will not be long before Zipper is paired up with a client. If all goes as planned he will be paired with a client in June 2018.

A well-trained service dog can really reduce the stress of daily life challenges us all.

But what about the service dog?

According to animal relaxation therapist Helen Hedtke, dogs need stress relief as well. “They get stressed because of the environment we all live in. And for people not really understanding how to understand what the animal is trying to tell them."

Stress can be a silent killer of humans and it can be detrimental to animals as well.

But not if Helen Hedtke is around.

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