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Stakeholder in Frontier likens passengers to ‘teenage spoiled brats’

DENVER — The head of the investment firm that owns Denver-based Frontier told reporters at the Dubai Airshow that U.S. airline passengers are like “teenage spoiled brats.”

Bill Franke is a managing partner with Indigo Partners, which owns Frontier, JetSMART, Volaris and Wizz.

Apparently commenting on customer expectations, Franke told CNBC, “The consumer is essentially like your teenage spoiled brat. They had been flying with all the amenities forever and ever and that’s what they think they ought to get. They don’t want to pay any more for the ticket, they just want all the amenities.”

Franke’s firm recently drafted an agreement to buy 430 Airbus planes worth $50 billion.  Frontier will reportedly get some of those new planes.