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Roofers suggest fixing hail damage before first snowfall

DENVER -- Now is the time to check homes for roof damage.

Once the leaves have fallen, snow usually isn’t too far behind. And as temperatures cool, that is when Colorado’s roofing business heats up.

“Everyone wants to get things done before the first snow is flying,” Shane Loschen with Total Roofing said.

Colorado roofs take a beating all summer, especially when there are large hailstorms.

Many homeowners don’t realize when their roofs have been damaged because it often can’t be seen from the ground.

“A lot of times if you’ve had car damage, more than likely your roof is damaged too,” Loschen said.

There are a few telltale signs that can be seen from the ground.

“You’ll start noticing a lot of gravel actually on your downspout in your grass,” Loschen said. “And you’ll see little dings along your gutters.”

While it is recommended to call a professional, using a tall ladder to climb on top of homes can be used for inspections.

Hail damage will appear as spots across the surface.

“You put your thumb on the mark that looks like the hail and you’ll feel the indentation where the gravel has washed down the roof and into the gutter,” Loschen said.

While a roof might not appear destroyed, some hail damage can require a new set of shingles because of damage that is difficult to see.

“If you can see fiberglass, the hail has broken through the actual membrane on the shingle and there is a high probability that it will leak with enough rain,” Loschen said.

A leaky roof can lead to mold, water spots on ceilings and even a total collapse of the ceiling.

Loschen said a simple inspection while the weather is still mild will leave roofers enough time to make the repairs before it’s too late.