Broncos fans react after Mike McCoy fired, sixth straight loss

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DENVER -- It shouldn't be a surprise that Broncos Country is frustrated with the team this season.

The last time the Broncos suffered a losing streak longer than six games was in 1967 -- when they lost nine in a row.

Fans took to sports radio on Monday to make their thoughts known after offensive coordinator Mike McCoy was fired Monday morning, one day after the team lost to the Cincinnati Bengals for their sixth consecutive loss.

Some fans see McCoy as just a "scapegoat" for larger issues surrounding the team, while others think it was the right call to let him go.

“I really believe the Broncos did well getting rid of him. He’s just not a great coach or coordinator," one fan told 104.3 The Fan host Sandy Clough.

McCoy was in his second stint as offensive coordinator with the Broncos, serving in the role from 2009 to 2012 before leaving to become coach of the San Diego Chargers for four seasons.

Other fans think Broncos general manager John Elway is to blame for the team's losing streak. After all, he hired McCoy and coach Vance Joseph, and put together this group of players.

“I want to talk about Mr. Elway -- his accountability," a fan said. "Does he need some help? Does he need assistance? He’s been the one constant with our franchise."

But as one fan pointed out, you have to go through dark times to get to the good times.

"Things are always the darkest before the dawn," a fan said.

During a news conference Monday, Joseph said it was his decision to fire McCoy, saying he "felt a change was needed" and needed to "stabilize the offense."

“I met with Mike this morning. I called John right after. His reaction was -- he was OK with it," Joseph said. "It was my decision. It was what’s best for the football team."

"We both hired Mike. We like Mike. He’s a good football coach, so it wasn’t a happy day at all. It’s a hard day for all of us," Joseph said. "We think with [Bill Musgrave] we can get better. It was hard, but in my opinion, it was appropriate.”