Astronaut just back from space station returns home to Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Colo. -- He is no Capt. Kirk from the starship Enterprise. That's because Col. Jack Fischer is a NASA astronaut, the real McCoy.

On Thursday, after spending five months in space, he came home.

Fischer grew up in Louisville and went to Centaurus High School.

"Such a great education from the school and it is 100 percent due to the teachers just caring so much," he said.

After 136 days in space and two spacewalks, Fischer is back on mother Earth.

Fischer's duties were flight engineer and commander on the International Space Station.

"We keep the system running," he said. "Take out the trash, those type of things. And then we do science. So science is the main reason for the season. It's why the space station exists and we are cranking through it like never before."

He's now sharing his celestial stories with students from his former high school.

It is pretty exciting for kids to hear how one of their own reached for the stars, and grabbed one.