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BOULDER, Colo. -- It's not too often a voice is bigger than the singer.  But Emilese Munoz is the exception.

At 11 years old, she's an old pro. She can be found performing with her guitar on the Pearl Street Mall or Larimer Square.

"I drag my parents out like every weekend, and when they come home from work I just have my stuff all ready and I just go play," Munoz said.

"When she was about 7, she ended up getting her street performer's permit all on her own. We drove her there, she went through the interview on her own," said her mom, Valerie.

Earlier this year, all that hard work paid off.  She played the Apollo Theater in New York -- and won first place in the "Stars of Tomorrow" contest.

"It was for a sold-out crowd, and this was the first time she played there, and I said 'Do you realize there's going to be about 1,500 people there?' And she said, 'The more the better,'" her mom said.

The glare of the crowd, and the glow of cellphones capturing her her every note have never been a problem for Munoz.

"I love listening to her.  I'm a little biased because she's my daughter, but I love watching other people react to her. I love anything that comes out of her mouth," said her father Brian Munoz.

"You know, she's my little girl, but watching other people and how they respond to her I see that people really enjoy what she does."

She's already had a few paid gigs. And one day soon, she hopes sidewalks and street corners aren't the only crowded venues where couples can dance to songs older than the singer.

"I would really like to play at the Hollywood Bowl and Red Rocks," she said.

And if history is any indicator, she'll do it.  Probably before she ever even becomes a teenager.