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DIA seeks new voices for train announcements

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DENVER -- Officials are holding a competition to replace the voices who warn passengers about closing doors, and arrivals and departures on the trains at Denver International Airport.

The competition is open to local television and radio personalities, and one man and one woman will be chosen.

They will replace the voices of former Coors Field and Sports Authority Field at Mile High public address announcer Alan Roach and a now-retired former news reader from a local TV station.

The TV and radio personalities need to submit a reading of certain phrases that are recognized by passengers who have traveled on the trains among the three concourses through the airport over the years.

“Hello, and welcome to Denver International Airport.”

“Board here for all ‘A, B and C Gates”

“The doors are closing, please keep clear and hold on for departure to all A gates”

“Please hold on, we are approaching the station for all A gates”

“A train is arriving. Please keep clear and hold on for departure to all B gates”

“Board here for all A gates, terminal, ground transportation and baggage claim”

“This is the terminal. All passengers please exit and follow signs to ground transportation and baggage claim”

Full-time anchors and reporters have had to have been in Denver for at least seven years to submit recordings.

A selection committee will narrow the pool of candidates, and the finalists will be featured on a website that will open for a public vote.

Roach took to Twitter on Tuesday to say he will fight to keep his booming voice echoing at the train stops.