Denver Public Schools, police investigate extreme bullying as attack videos go viral

DENVER -- Colorado’s largest school district and the Denver Police Department are determining “the appropriate next steps” after a recent altercation, according to a letter sent to parents Wednesday from Contemporary Learning Academy.

The letter was distributed one day after videos were posted to Facebook showing CLA students attacking classmates on Monday.

The videos, which went viral on social media, show high school students targeting fellow classmates.

Sources close to the situation say two juveniles are facing charges. Authorities do not typically comment on cases involving juveniles.

“She can’t even go to school and feel like she can walk home and be OK,” mom Edith Garcia said.

Garcia obtained the videos and posted them to her public Facebook profile on Tuesday.

She said the videos show her 17-year-old daughter, Anna, being assaulted after school on Monday. She said there were two incidents reported Monday in the area of Lincoln Street and Colfax Avenue, and Lincoln Street and Ninth Avenue.

“They even go as far as grabbing her backpack and throwing it in the middle of Lincoln,” Garcia said.

Anna said the bullying has been going on for about a year.

“They try to get under my skin,” Anna said.

Garcia first posted video of her daughter being attacked on Sept. 7. Police statistics show a reported assault at the intersection of Ninth Avenue and Lincoln Street on the afternoon of Sept. 7.

Garcia said she posted the videos as a last resort because the school hasn’t done much.

CLA administrators have been more interested in the school’s reputation than Anna’s well-being, according to Garcia.

Three girls typically instigate and then recruit others to join in, according to Anna.

Denver Public Schools referred to the letter sent to parents. The letter said the school takes the situation seriously, but then focuses on the consequences of recording and posting videos online.

Anna said she hasn’t been at school since the latest attack on Monday. Garcia said the school asked that Anna stay home for a couple days for her own protection.