Doctors see huge spike in Hepatitis C cases around Denver

(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

DENVER — The number of cases of Hepatitis C has jumped from 91 just five years ago to more than 250 last year.

Those numbers reflect the spike in drug use and represent people 21 to 30 years old living in Adams, Arapahoe , Denver and Douglas county.

Hepatitis C will cause serious long-term liver problems. Sharing needles can be the cause and experts say getting treatment now is the answer.

“When people inject there is a little bit of blood in the syringe and if they share that syringe with someone else, (it) basically transmits from one person to another person,” said Dr. Sarah Rowan of Denver Public Health.

There is a vaccine for Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B , but nothing for Hepatitis C. The CDC recommends anyone who has ever injected illegal drugs get tested for Hepatitis C.