City of Aurora to test emergency outdoor warning sirens Tuesday

AURORA, Colo. – The city of Aurora Office of Emergency Management will conduct an audible test of the city’s emergency outdoor warning sirens at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday.

The test will include more than 50 sirens throughout Aurora and feature a three-minute “wail” tone. There will be no voice heard during the test, and the sirens may not be audible indoors.

The city conducts audible tests of the sirens twice a year and silent testing weekly year-round.

The purpose of these all-hazards sirens is to provide notice regarding an emergency situation, such as a tornado warning or hazardous-material spill.

There is no “all-clear” tone that sounds when the situation has been resolved or mitigated.

Instead, any tone coming from the sirens should be viewed as a call to immediately take shelter and seek additional information via weather radio, local TV and radio, or the city’s Facebook and Twitter  accounts.

In the event of an emergency, both residents and businesses should use the information available to make a determination as to when the threat has passed.

It should be noted that sirens will be re-activated in the event of a new warning or if a new threat arises.