Armed gunman prompts Colorado Springs Walmart lock down

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- A Colorado Springs man will undergo a mental evaluation after forcing a local Walmart to go into lock down Monday night.

According to officials with the CSPD, the man was first seen at a COSTCO store near the University of Colorado Colorado Springs campus in the early evening.

Witnesses at the store reported strange behavior from the man, including making ambiguous threats while holding a screwdriver.

The man fled when officers approached him and made his way to a nearby Walmart Supercenter that sits adjacent to Chapel Hills Mall.

The man began wielding a rifle and talking to himself, frightening customers. After he left the store, the Walmart went into lock down.

Again, the man fled and police were able to catch up with him and came face-to-face with the man inside of a movie theater.

Police were able to take him into custody and determined the gun he was holding was a BB gun.

Police have identified the gunman  as 19-year-old Jody Romero and the case remains under investigation.