Denver police warn of phone scam with a lewd twist

DENVER — Denver Police issued a warning on their Facebook page Saturday night about a “scam with a twist.”

According to the post, on Sunday, Oct. 29, an officer responded to a report of possible harassment in the 4100 block of S. Sheridan Boulevard.

The victim in the incident said that a couple days earlier, she received a phone call from a male suspect who identified himself as as a Detective and claimed to be a member of the Denver Sheriff’s Department.

The suspect told the victim she missed her jury summons and now had a warrant out for her arrest.

He then instructed her to go to a grocery store to purchase gift cards to pay for the bond and to avoid being arrested on the warrant.

The victim recognized this as a scam and hung up on the suspect. After that, the suspect continued to text the victim, eventually sending her a photo of male genitalia.

The post concluded by assuring residents that there is no way to buy your way out of a warrant and also added “we would never send you a photo of male genitalia.”

If you believe you are a victim of the scam, report it by calling 720-913-2000.