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CSU will wear special Colorado state flag jersey Saturday night

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FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- Colorado State University's special state flag gear is quickly selling out ahead of the Rams' game against Boise State on Saturday.

The colors of the Colorado state flag will be center stage as the Rams unveil their state pride jerseys in their game in Fort Collins on Saturday night.

It will be the first time in school history the Rams will play a football game without green.

The special uniforms are white with the “C” from Colorado’s state on the helmet, shoulder pads and gloves.

Under Armour has sold more than 10,000 units of the state-pride apparel that was just released in September.

The company designed the new look specifically for the Rams and only for Saturday's game.

Under Armour often designs specialty jerseys for schools and it helps with things such as sales and recruiting.

The gear is quickly flying off store shelves. Ron Gerald, the store manager at Ram Zone, said it is constantly refilling the shelves with the blue, red, white and gold gear.

This version of the Colorado state flag was adopted on May 6, 1911, with each of the four colors representing something different.

The blue stands for Colorado's blue skies, the white is for the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, and the red is for the soil found throughout the state.

But there's some debate around the what the gold stands for. Some believe it reflects the late 1800's gold rush, while others think it stands for Colorado's 300-plus days of sunshine.

The gold actually stands for both.

History Colorado Center said the bill for the flag included a section explaining, "10 Significations" of the flag.

The fourth and fifth significations are about the gold.

"Fourth -- The gold center symbolizes the glorious all-the-year-round sunshine of Colorado. Fifth -- The aureate center also represents the most precious of metals, gold, in the production of which Colorado excels all other states," according to the bill.

The state pride gear is available online and on campus. The gear will only be available through this weekend.