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Colorado Freedom Memorial repaired after vandalism damage

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AURORA, Colo -- A memorial dedicated to Colorado's fallen soldiers has a new glass panel after it was damaged over the Fourth of July weekend.

On Memorial Day 2000, radio personality Rick Crandall was doing his radio show from the American cemetery on Omaha Beach in Normandy. Seventy graves were soldiers from Colorado.

"How do you bring them home? How do you get them back here. Names is the best way we could think of," Crandall said.

Crandall's inspiration morphed into the Colorado Freedom Memorial, honoring Coloradans who died fighting for their country.

On July 3, Crandall saw something or someone had shattered one of the glass panels of the memorial.

"I was happy that there was nobody else here because my language was really foul for about a half hour," Crandall said.

After swearing like a sailor, Crandall started working on making it right.

Exhaustive work on fundraising events and donations was undertaken.

"That's when I discovered there was way more good In town than bad," Crandall said.

After four months, some insurance money and $42,000 in donations from ordinary people who just wanted to help, the Colorado Freedom Memorial is whole again.

"I think this Veterans Day, all of us who served, I served, we have been reminded that the community at-large really appreciates that service and, it's pretty cool," Crandall said.

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