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4-year-old best friends who ‘have the same birthday’ insist they’re twins

MIAMI — Two 4-year-old best friends won’t believe you if you try to tell them they’re not twins.

Jia Sarnicola and Zuri Copeland of Miami have been best friends since they met in school two years ago and do everything together.

Recently, the two went to a birthday party and when someone told them they weren’t twins because they don’t have the same skin color.

The girls weren’t having any of that.

Jia immediately replied, “You don’t know anything! We are twins because we have the same birthday and share the same soul!”

Zuri’s big sister, Victoria, immediately captured the moment to tell her family and took to Twitter to show the world. The photos have since gone viral.

“In a world where racism is still going on, we seem to only hear about the horrors of it. I felt that people should see a glimpse of hope in Zuri and Jia’s friendship,” Victoria told WTTG.

“I could have never imagined the story reaching over hundreds of thousands of people.”

The girls’ moms told ABC News that their birthdays are actually two days apart — Jia’s is June 3 and Zuri’s is June 5 — but they celebrate together.

And they say they’re happy the girls share the special bond and only see their similarities.

“I think that’s one of the nice things about growing up in a multicultural, melting pot city,” Jia’s mom, Ashley Riggs Sarnicola, told ABC News. “They don’t see color. We’ve never talked to them about it, period.”

“They’re both little Geminis,” Sarnicola said. “They have very strong personalities and are both super outgoing, well-spoken, intelligent, and not afraid to tell you what they want. They hit it off right away.”

“It is unbelievable. They connected very well immediately,” Zuri’s mom, Valencia Copeland told ABC News. “It was amazing how they’ve gelled together.”