Gun owners getting active shooter response training

DENVER -- After the most recent mass shooting in Texas, a lot of people are talking about better gun control.

A lot of other folks are talking about controlling their guns better.

"More people are interested in shooting, but I think more so than that people are interested in defending their loved ones," said Jimmy Graham with the Active Shooter Response Training Center.

At Centennial Gun Club, Graham said more people want to learn how to do just that.

"We are getting more calls right now from people who maybe own firearms or maybe they don't, but they are looking at what they would do if the thing that just happened on the news happened with them standing there," he said.

Graham, a former Navy SEAL, is the director and lead instructor of the 1-year-old training course Able Shepherd.

"It's scenario-based training. So where you can actually learn to enhance a capability with the firearms that you currently own," he said.

Scenario-based means not shooting at paper targets but shooting pretend bad guys, with specially developed nonlethal ammunition.

"We used to be better at this," Graham said. "Better at handling yourself. If a neighbor needed help on a farm, you grabbed your rifle and figured it out. You were pretty confident how to do this stuff. But we don't live that way anymore."

Graham believes that is slowly changing.