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More of an ‘ice scraper storm’ versus ‘grab your shovel’ for Tuesday morning

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DENVER -- Snowfall totals won't be blockbuster, but freezing drizzle might result in scraping windshields and driving slowly to work on Tuesday morning.

In addition to freezing drizzle, there might be enough snowfall to add to the slick threat by morning.

Most areas will see 0-2 inches of accumulation, with potentially as much as 3-5 inches in some localized areas west of Denver.

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In any case, should the system not change, this will be a test for the crews preparing roads for the morning drive.

Streets that get deicer treatment will likely be OK, but those that are not treated might be quite slick. Consider bridges and overpasses as slick areas to watch out for, too.

Rain, drizzle and snow developed by late Tuesday across the northern Front Range in parts of Larimer County and Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Between 9 p.m. and midnight, areas of rain, freezing drizzle and snow will move from near Fort Collins and Greeley into the Denver area by early Tuesday morning.

Midnight to 4 a.m. will be most of the active drizzle and snowfall, tapering off to only leftover pockets of snowfall through the morning drive and into the late morning Tuesday.

There is a second round of snow to come through the area starting midday Tuesday through Tuesday night.

This will likely be a heavier and more visible snow, but still only minor accumulation. It will be the same totals for the city. The foothills and mountains might come away with several inches to upward of a foot of snow.

The icing potential isn't as great with the second band of snow as it won't have the drizzle component mixed in.

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