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Gunshots ring out in several Denver neighborhoods for ShotSpotter testing

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DENVER -- Testing of the ShotSpotter gunfire detection system was done in several neighborhoods on Monday, the Denver Police Department said.

The system was tested between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m.

ShotSpotter detects the sound of gunshots and helps police to identify the area in which the shots were fired.

The exercise tested the current system and does not include any new locations or installations.

The live gunfire tests will take place in the Westwood, Villa Park, Clayton and Montbello neighborhoods.

The controlled tests will consist of a sequence of gunshots followed by validation of sound detection by ShotSpotter.

During the tests, a bullet trap will be used to ensure public safety. No bullets will be fired into the air or ground, and there is no danger to the public, police said.

The four-hour window was chosen for testing because the majority of shootings and shots fired occur at night and in the early-morning hours, and acoustics are different at night.