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‘Run, hide, fight:’ Security expert shares tips on what to do in a shooting situation

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THORNTON, Colo. — After a shooting at a Thornton Walmart on Wednesday night that left three people dead, a security expert says what to do if you’re ever in a situation like that.

“Have a plan, definitely have a plan,” said Chris Love, owner of Level 5 Combat Systems.

Homeland Security says run, hide, fight. First thing you do is run. If you can get out, do that. If you can’t run, hide. Get behind something that will protect you.

“If you can’t do that, fight back. Maybe it’s your turn to take on the attacker and hopefully stop it before it gets worse.”

With situations such as this becoming more common, Love said the best advice is to get in a class to learn how to defend yourself and others.

“Learn what to do, what not to do and then put together a plan,” Love said. “Talk with your kids. Talk with your family about what could happen and what their reaction should be.

“Run through scenarios in your head. Talk to your family. If something happens, what are you going to do?”

But first and foremost, Love said always run, if that is an option.

“Running away is the best thing to do if you can do that. Go for the exit,” Love said. “Of course, there could be other situations where people are planted outside to take out those running out. That’s not something you’re going to know though.”

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