Tech Review: Sideclick Remote for Streaming Boxes

Everyday more and more people are cutting the cord, returning their cable box and getting a streaming box.  Roku, AppleTV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV are among the most popular boxes.  Problem is, the remotes for these boxes don’t control your TV so you’re stuck using 2 remotes.  Annoying, right?  The Sideclick remote promises to be the solution to that problem!  I took the Sideclick for a test.

The idea is simple, it's a small remote that clicks onto the "side" of your streaming remote.  You'll have to order the one that fits your remote.  Sideclick has adapters for Apple TV, Roku, Nexus TV, MiBox and Amazon Fire TV remotes.

Setup is pretty simple.  The remote takes 2 AAA batteries (included).  Once you put the Sideclick into programming mode it can learn commands from your existing TV remote.  Point your TV remote at the Sideclick, press the corresponding button and Sideclick learns that command.  This is great because it means you don't have to look up a brand code and it will literally work with ANY IR remote.  The Sideclick has 8 buttons; power, volume up/down, channel up/down, input and 2 extra buttons that you can customize to anything you like.  After all of your buttons are programmed you simply snap your streaming remote into the Sideclick.

After setup is done, the Sideclick works exactly as you would expect.  I used it for 2 weeks at my home to replace the TV remote in our bedroom along with our Nexus Player Android box.  It worked great!  I haven't touched my TV remote since I setup the Sideclick.  I also liked that the Sideclick provided some much needed bulk to my Nexus Player remote.  So many of these streaming box remotes are tiny!

The only complaint I have about the Sideclick is that there is a little bit of wiggle in the connection between the Sideclick remote and the adapter.  It's not a huge deal but you can feel it wiggle just a bit.  I wish it was tighter so the entire thing felt like one big remote and not two remotes attached to eachother.

With that said, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea and it's a perfect solution for anyone who has replaced their cable box with a streaming TV box.  At $30 the Sideclick is affordable and a great gift for the streamer in your life.

DEAL ALERT - I found them on sale ($7.50 some models) on Amazon!