‘Got Toddlered:’ Parents are sharing before-and-after kids photos

NEW YORK — A viral Instagram account is showing how much having kids changes your life with photos of “things children have ruined.”

Mike Julianelle started posting the before and after photos on the Instagram account on Oct. 12.

The page has more than 18,800 followers and has had submissions from parents around the world.

Julianelle kicked it off with his own side-by-side photo just ten years apart. He has a 7-year-old and an almost 2-year-old.

“I think they show the toll kids take on parents,” Julianelle told the Huffington Post.

“Obviously, it’s meant to be lighthearted, and no one is seriously blaming their children for the state of their faces or lives, except for me when I seriously blame my kids for the state of my face and my life, which is basically all I do on my blog and Facebook page and Twitter.”

Julianelle runs the blog dadandburied.com and thought this page would make other parents laugh and realize they’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed.

“My blog and everything else have always been about the fact that it’s OK to be honest about the pitfalls of parenthood,”Julianelle said. “There’s no shame in admitting that for all the peaks, there are plenty of pits.

“Kids are the worst best thing that’s ever happened to us and if we don’t laugh about the havoc they wreak we’d have to cry instead and I’m not a crier.”

To submit photos to the page, email gottoddlered@gmail.com.