Man spends tens of thousands of dollars to create the best hobby expo

DENVER — Friday was a very big day for Jim Marski.  Directing exhibitors, answering questions, running errands.  Everything has to be just right.  For Marski, it’s his show of shows.

The name of his brand new show is The Rocky Mountain Hobby Expo. The show, according to Marski, is a show that’s about fifty years in the making, “Probably about 62 years in the making but I’d have to ask my mom and dad about that,” corrects the smiling Marski.

Planes, trains, automobiles–it doesn’t matter. Marski says having a hobby makes a person happy. “Hobbies make people happy because it gets them to focus on something other than everything else they deal with in real life.”

The inaugural Rocky Mountain Hobby Expo is Marski’s vision of what a hobby show should be, “From scrap booking all the way through drone flying.”  And no experience is necessary.  Many exhibitors will have hands-on race cars,  drones and RC trucks for show goers to try out.

Jim Marski’s heart and soul are into this show, and so is over $100,000 of his own cash.

Putting his money, where his monster truck is.

You can see the show at the Denver Mart at I-25 and 58th Avenue.