Living in Colorado: From record heat to winter-like cold within 24 hours

DENVER -- On Wednesday, the sun was shining, and shorts and sandals were the outfit of choice as Denver hit a record high of 84 degrees.

“It was beautiful, it was warm,” PE teacher Kayleen Malone said.

Just 24 hours later, it was still beautiful, but not very warm. The shorts and sandals were switched for sweaters at Washington Park.

This wacky weather was the talk of the town.

“Yesterday was summer, today’s winter,” Michael Monheit said.

A temperature drop of more than 50 degrees was felt at the park and the playground.

“Puts a little excitement, I guess, in the day. That we can start off with a beautiful sunny day and it could be snowing by the time we get in the car to drive home after school,” Malone said.

“It comes with Colorado and that’s one thing we do love about Colorado.”

“It is what it is, I guess, you just gotta be prepared for it,” Josh Sullivan said.

The forecast low overnight Thursday into Friday is expected to be 20 degrees, making for the coldest night of the season so far.

Looking ahead to Halloween, it could be a lot like Thursday. Snow showers are possible along with cold temperatures.