Snow in the forecast: How much and when to expect it on Thursday

DENVER — A cold front will bring colder temperatures along with the second shot of snow for Denver this season on Thursday.

The morning commute should be snow-free as the cold and snow don’t move in until about noon Thursday.

Rain showers will quickly change to snow that will last into the evening before slowly ending late Thursday night and early Friday morning.

This is a quick-moving system that won’t leave much snow accumulation.

In the city, only about one-half inch of accumulation, mainly on grassy areas, is expected. There will be a lot of melting given how warm it was on Wednesday with record highs in the 80s.

A few more inches of accumulation are possible mostly south and west of downtown Denver. The totals will range from 1-4 inches in the foothills.

Places such as Estes Park could see up to 4 inches, while Georgetown and Conifer could see 3 inches. The accumulation will be mostly on grassy areas and will melt quickly.

The mountains won’t see much accumulation from this system, either. As the cold front blows in, areas are likely to only see about 1-3 inches of snow as well.