Couple receive mysterious home security bills

DENVER -- Irma Zwart and her husband  Bob, who is a pastor, are getting ready to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

Irma Zwart said she left her previous home when she got  married, then put the home's ADT security service in her son's name because he would be living there.

“I absolutely said are you sure this is absolutely not going to be billed to me? They said yes," she said yes.

Zwart said automatic payment deductions continued from her's and her son’s account.

She now has a bill for more than $400.

Within an hour of starting an investigation by the FOX31 Problem Solvers, Zwart received a call from ADT.

She said the representative was kind and considerate, and even had some good news.

"She said we don't owe this,  in fact they are going to (refund) some money," she said.

Consumer experts said the best way to avoid confusion when stopping automatic payments is to get a cancellation in writing, and make sure to read the fine print.