Woman still waiting for hail damage repair from May storm

DENVER -- Elizabeth Romero paid more than $4,000 to have damage to the front end of her car fixed after the big hailstorm that hit the metro area in May.

Romero said she  took her car to Denver Auto Hail Repair in June.

She said she was told it couldn’t complete repairs until she could get her car running, so she had it towed to a dealership.

But she was concerned that parts of the interior had been removed by the hail repair shop.

“The back to the seat was completely torn  off,” she said.

Denver Auto Hail Repair has an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau and is in good standing with the state of Colorado.

The business provided Romero with a rental car for a portion of the time she was without a vehicle.

Company vice president Sean Taylor said the delay is because of the time it took Romero’s car to be repaired by the dealership, a huge backlog of hail damage and a delay in the arrival of replacement parts.

Taylor also said workers took the interior apart to gain access to areas that need repair, but everything would be replaced as soon as possible.