Tech Review: Infani Smart Baby Monitor

Many companies have tried to improve the video baby monitor.  Some include temperature sensors, others have a smartphone app that connects to the monitor.  There are also many gadgets that help track your baby’s vitals while they snooze.  One company is combining those ideas with a new smart baby monitor called the Infani!  I took it for a test.

The Infani Smart Baby Monitor is surprising at first simply because of the way it looks.  It resembles a lamp more than a baby monitor.  At first, I thought this was weird but then I realized how convienent the design actually is.  Typically you have to screw a baby camera into a wall or find a dress to place it on.  This Infani towers above the crib with a bendable arm that lets you point the camera down into the crib.  It makes perfect sense.

Out of the box it took about 5 minutes to feed the power cable through the poles and connect all the poles together.  After plugging in the camera the app (Android or iOS) walks you through the process of connecting the camera to your home wi-fi.  Then, you're ready to keep an eye on the baby.

The highlight of the Infani is that it can track your child's breathing without attaching any cables to your baby or placing any devices on the crib itself.  The camera will need to be close enough to do this.  My child is almost 2 and our problem was that once she woke up - the camera was fair game for this grabbing hands.  The breathing tracking feature is probably something that is most useful for those under 9 months anyhow.

The app will detect when the baby is awake and send a notification to Mom and Dad on their phone.  In my testing this worked exactly as described.  It also sends a notification if the breathing stops providing some peace of mind to Mom and Dad.

Included with the Infani is 12 months of cloud storage.  It keeps video recordings for the past 7 days so you can go back and see what woke your baby, how long she tossed and turned our how she managed to escape the crib.

A few issues I ran into with the Infani included the bendable arm.  It didn't seem stiff enough and when I put it in place it would sag down.  It almost seemed like the weight of the camera was too much for the arm design.  It took a little maneuvering but I did get it to stay in the right spot with a nice "S" shape but I would love it if they stiffened it up a bit.  I also had a hard time getting the camera close enough to read my child's breathing but also keeping it far enough away that she couldn't destroy the camera when she woke up.  This wouldn't be an issue with a younger child but once they start standing and grabbing, you may have a hard time with this too.

Infani is also promises new features coming soon via app and camera updates.  They say eventually you'll be able to play lullabies from the camera's speaker and even talk to your baby from the speaker.  I couldn't test those features but the company promises them in the future.

None the less, I really like the standing lamp design.  The HD video quality was downright impressive, even at night with the built-in IR lighting.  The app  is clean and worked exactly as promised.  I really like the Infani and think it's a good deal at under $300.

You can pre-order the Infani right now for $260 on Kickstarter - it officially goes on sale later this year.