Rockies’ Charlie Blackmon stops by New York Stock Exchange

NEW YORK — Rockies outfielder Charlie Blackmon stopped by the New York Stock Exchange on his lunch break on Tuesday.

“I was just conquering the capital markets on my lunch break at the New York Stock Exchange,” Blackmon said in a post on Instagram.

I was just conquering the capital markets on my lunch break at the @nyse

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He even gave the president of the NYSE a few batting tips.

“When you have a hitter like @Chuck_Nazty stop by the @NYSE, you get him to give you a few batting tips,” Thomas Farley tweeted.

Blackmon was in New York to join ESPN for its World Series coverage this week, the team announced Tuesday.

Blackmon is scheduled to appear at least four times on the network — before and after the game on Tuesday, and then again on “SportsCenter AM” and “Highly Questionable” on Wednesday.

He’s expected to talk about the World Series and reflect on his season with the Rockies.

“I am excited to have an opportunity to talk about the pinnacle of the game, and even more excited for the players and the opportunities they have in front of them,” Blackmon said. “Congratulations to both teams.”

Blackmon and the Rockies had a big year in 2017 that included making the postseason for the first time in nearly a decade.

The Arizona Diamondbacks beat the Rockies, 11-8, in the wild-card game to advance to the National League Division Series.