Daybreak Delights: Halloween cocktails

The Weeping Widow Cocktail

What you Need

1.5 ounces of Premium Vodka

.5 ounce of Orange Liquor

½ juice of a fresh lemon, pulp and seeds strained

2 teaspoons of Super fine baker’s sugar

*Food Grade Dry Ice for Serving


What to Do

In a cocktail shaker, add ice ½ full. Combine all ingredients and shake to chill the drink and mix at the same time. Pour into a martini glass and Garnish with a lemon curl or lemon wheel. Prior to serving Add small piece of dry ice to the martini glass Enjoy!

Hint: Warn guests about the dry ice, do not let it touch their lips as it could burn the skin, dry ice will dissipate after a few minutes.


The Harvest Apple Cocktail

What you Need

Small Apples to fit inside a glass

1 oz Vermouth

1 Cup Spiced Apple Cider

3 oz Bourbon

dash of Orange Bitters

What to Do

Fill a Large Cocktail shaker 1/2 way with ice. add all ingredients except the apple. shake until chilled and mixed. Place tiny apple cut in half lengthwise into the glass. Pour over cocktail mixture and enjoy.