Kids raise funds for Denver couple who lost home in fire

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DENVER -- The investigation into what caused a house fire in southwest Denver was ongoing Sunday as neighborhood children worked to help the homeowners move forward.

Flames destroyed the home just west of Littleton on Friday. No one was injured.

Photo: GoFundMe

Since the fire, three young girls have been hard at work trying to make a difference for the couple.

“What better way to spread the word than using flyers,” 10-year-old Taylor said.

Flyers made and delivered by the girls have ended up on front doors throughout their neighborhood.

The message is clear and direct -- letting people know about a GoFundMe page to raise money for the victims of the fire. As of Monday, more than $1,500 had been raised.

“We already collected soaps and a family down the street gave us three different comforters,” 11-year-old Jordan said.

The girls said they decided to step up and help because it’s the right thing to do.

“At our church, it says that service is the best thing of all, and it’s like a warm hug,” 10-year-old McKenzie said.

They’re hoping that warm hug will come in the form of $3,000 -- their GoFundMe goal.