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Citizens trying to save hundreds of trees from removal near City Park Golf Course

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DENVER -- A group tried to save hundreds of trees from being removed near City Park Golf Course on Sunday.

“The city has identified that this is one of the trees that’s going to be cut down -- one of the 200 trees -- so we’re trying to get attention to save the trees," Mary Degroot said.

Attention might not be enough.

“If our elected leadership was listening, it would help," said an attorney working for the City Park Friends and Neighbors group.

In all, 261 trees are scheduled to be chopped down starting Nov. 1.

“It’s like watching an execution," said Bridge Walsh, who lives nearby. "A big tree is alive. It’s part of our community.”

The city said the trees need to be removed to make way for a stormwater project that will help prevent flooding.

A new golf course and clubhouse are part of the deal.

“People are upset about it, but we didn’t have any say about it in this plan," Walsh said.

The city has had public meetings to discuss the changes. Still, the group is asking a judge to stall the trees from being removed.

Louis Plachowski is helping lead the charge to keep Denver green.

"When you see a tree, especially here in Denver, when you have the winter and then comes the spring and it comes to life. Birds go on it. It’s just a beautiful thing," Plachowski said.

No one knows whether all this will make a difference. Still, the group fights in a battle that is far from being made in the shade.

City Park Friends and Neighbors is hoping a judge will stall the tree removal process during a hearing on Thursday.