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Castle View High School students travel to Ghana, help educate kids rescued from slavery

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CASTLE ROCK, Colo. -- Castle View High School students took the trip of a lifetime to Ghana during fall break. They hoped to make an impact.

A group of 10 students and four teachers signed on to help Challenging Heights, an organization that runs schools and shelters for kids rescued from slavery.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the country is known to have some of the worst forms of child labor.

Castle View helped raise money as a school to donate, and purchase schools supplies and sports gear.

Junior Sam Moccia knew it would be an experience. What he didn’t expect was to be moved in a way that would change his life.

One moment that stands out to Moccia was while their group visited a village outside of Winneba. He said the villagers had close to nothing.

“It was so breathtaking, looking at these people and from our stand point wondering what we can do to make their lives easier, when with the way they were acting it seemed their lives couldn’t get better,” Moccia said.

For senior Sammie Shaw, it was the mentors with Challenging Heights who were former child slaves, now dedicating their lives to helping the kids who are saved.

“They take their experience and they help people and help them through it. I think that that’s something really special,” Shaw said.

Many of the students felt good to give, but felt even more moved by seeing firsthand, families living extreme poverty yet living as if they have everything.

Moccia and Shaw hope to continue to help kids that come from a life of slavery.

“Hopefully expand it in the next couple of years, bringing more students from different schools to make a bigger impact,” Mocia said.

Colorado to Ghana is the club that organizes the trip.